About my self and types of software and hardware i use.

I am from Africa 17 years old girl, I am careful, hardworking and an easy going person, during my spare time I read my books, do my course work, help my family, play with my siblings and rest. By next year I will continue studying information technology level 3 in City of Westminster College.

The hardware and software I am currently using to communicate with others is by Microsoft windows 8 because it is less confusing and also find it easier to use, it also boots quicker as soon as you start the system, it also has better battery life so I can communicate with other blog users and share ideas without having to worry about charging the computer system. Another reason for using windows 8 is due to the fact that I can operate two systems on one device, therefore I can write more about the blog while I download or update the software without any interference. The security and data recovery system for the software has improved immensely as you can now update your system without losing your settings or data, while storage spaces have increased so you can save more onto the system.

One of the communication applications used in the modern era is Skype due to the fact that you can communicate with friends and families who live far away. Skype also allows users to communicate with the use of microphone so to simulate a phone call, another way Skype is used is through the use of webcams to allow users to see each other while communicating and it also gives users access to instant messaging if users wish to communicate without having to call each other.

Facebook is another communication application which is used in the modern era as a source to communicate with friends and family who are not nearby. Facebook allows users to access their account from anywhere; especially with the development of technology users can now install the Facebook application on their phones so they can access their accounts anytime during the day.

In conclusion both the communication application are excellent way to communicate with other people even though there are differences due to the fact one of the application gives you the option to communicate live with other people but both still give you the option of instant messaging.

I use internet in the college to do my course work which is much more easier for me because I can get all my course work done without missing any deadlines,  it gives me less work to do and more time to rest when I have no course work left.


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